We had to wait until March 2003 for the next generation of Championship Manager. CM4 saw the launch of the 2D pitch but as the game was a total re-write from CM01/02 and the CM3 layout, there were some issues that saw the launch delayed. Even when the game was released in March, the out of the box version lacked player histories amongst other bugs. Luckily, the web-age was well and truly upon us and these things were easily patched out.

Championship Manager 4


Released: March 2003

Playable Leagues: There are 39 playable leagues. I’ll list them all when I get this one installed!

Notes: First game with the 2D pitch. It is highly recommended that you download and install the patches to fully enjoy this game! Google is your friend but the one from CNet looks alright. As ever, scan whatever you download.


Instructions: If you have the CD this one is just about modern enough to run with simple compatibility mode enabled. You will need the patches though. Full guide to follow.