Say goodbye to Dos! In March 1999, Championship Manager 3 came into our lives and with it came the first steps towards the more modern games. Many leagues, a sidebar menu, network capabilities. More importantly, it didn’t run in bloody MS-Dos. Ash helped Andrew sell how good this version is here.

Playable Leagues: England (including Conference for the first time), Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Argentina.

Notes: First game in the CM3 series, introduced network play for the first time. Also squad numbers, reserves, training and the first game to have the left menu bar interface.

Instructions: There isn’t really a download that I’ve found for this one, so I bought it on eBay for a fiver. The game needs the CD to run and I found it wouldn’t work on my Windows 10 laptop unless I downloaded the patches. I also set the compatibility as follows:

The patch you want is 3.04e and I found it on this website – as ever, be cautious with anything you download and websites you visit.

Podcast episode

Blog: You can read all our CM3 writing here

We all took on the challenge of trying to recreate Fergie’s treble…with mixed results.