Championship Manager 2 covers a huge variety of games. We’ve separated them into CM2 and the European Leagues as there was a huge number of releases.

Championship Manager 2

cm9596 box
Anglo Italian

Released: September 1995 (PC & Amiga)

Playable Leagues: English (all divisions), Scottish (all divisions)

Notes:  First game to include audio commentary (Clive Tyldesley)

Instructions: It’s DOS again, however a kind soul uploaded this version and it has a ready mounted version, so you literally just run the Dosbox exe in the download. As a disclaimer, it works for me but do your own diligence on any download.

Extract the contents to a folder on your computer and run the Dosbox exe. It’s that easy! Huge thanks to user “Nick+Co” from the Champman 01/02 Forum for both this download and CM2 below.

Here’s a step by step. Click this link and the download will start. It’s 226MB so might take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet.

All you have to do is extract the contents from the zip folder to a normal folder. For example:

Click Extract To

Pick a destination for the folder to be created.

I have put mine in the C drive, no fuss.

All you have to do is double click the DOSBox icon highlighted. NOTHING ELSE.

The game will launch in full screen. Alt and Enter will take you out (and back in) of full screen mode.

Championship Manager 2: 96/97

cm2 p697
Cm2 start

Released: September 1996

Playable Leagues: England and Scotland (all divisions)

Notes: Also released as a data disk update to 95/96.


Instructions as above.