In November 2000, CM00/01 was launched – a good game but the hardest to say. There weren’t a load of new features but instead there were 10 new leagues added, as well as a data editor.

Released: November 2000

Playable Leagues: England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, United StatesAustralia, Finland, Greece, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Wales, Poland, Croatia and Turkey.

Notes: Data editor included. Added ability to start a game with fictional players

Instructions: Annoyingly this worked immediately for Andrew. I had to connect to another monitor to get the game to load, then change it to windowed mode (then the second monitor was no longer required).

Blogs: All CM00/01 blogs can be found here.

Andrew’s excellent Wonderkids series starts here.

Using the editor: CM00/01 comes with an in-house data editor, the first since 97/98 to do so and this has always proved to be popular with many fans of the game. Once downloaded the editor can be found in the file structure:

Similar to 97/98 it is a stand-alone file, separate to launching the main game.

The help file won’t work on Windows beyond 2012 as the file type is no longer supported. There are suggested fixes, such as downloading WinHlp32.exe, although its possible this won’t work for Windows 10 etc. We are yet to test.

So, where to start? Make sure that before you undertake any editing, you make a copy of the ‘Data’ file from the main folder and save it somewhere else – do the same as you make any new edits, this will allow you to paste in whichever file you want to use for a save and allow you to keep the original to start again should you encounter any errors.

When opening the editor, you’ll be prompted to open the ‘Index.dat’ file to begin. Once loaded you’ll be presented with this starting screen.

You can view a host of items across the database:

New items/functions from the last editor include competitions, officials, pre-set names (influencing regens), colours (you can add new colours), and staff and weather configurations such as setting future/reoccurring injuries for players. Competition names cannot be edited, only past winners and current participants.

In the ‘Edit’ menu there are search and filter functions that allow you to search or filter the database on the criteria you select (e.g. searching for wonderkids – in this case there are c. 4,100 players with -1 potential in the CM00/01 database). The functionality is very much superior to the clunky editor of the 97/98 days. You’ll need to be aware of the bottom dropdown before filtering to get the right outcome.

To add anything new select ‘Edit’ and ‘New Item’, you’ll be presented with the following options.

From initial use, if you are trying to add a team to a competition, we would suggest overwriting a team currently participating, then, if you wish, rebuilding the team you’ve overwritten as a new team dropping them into non-league for example. Trying to add and remove teams from competitions can lead to the game hitting an error where it reduces the teams in that competition below what is required; when trying to load you’ll receive an error e.g.  ‘v3.81 eng_conf..cp 83’ and the game will crash. Also, to note, the status of the club will determine the amount of funds they can have in the bank from the off.

If you create a new player and contract them to a club, the editor will automatically add the player to the club’s player list, just make sure this doesn’t go beyond the max squad of 50 players.

Player attributes are similar to previous versions. 1-20, the closer the 20 the more likely that attribute will come into play. This also applies for staff (inc. Chairmen). The key stats for staff are all muddled together but you can use the game to identify which ones need changing if you haven’t played in a while such as those for an owner/chairman (see the random selection below).

The maximum length a contract can be set is 2nd July 2020, however, from experience the game doesn’t always pick up the contract length you’ve dictated on setup so beware. When exiting the editor, just ensure you save before doing so, using file and save, then file and exit. That’s all for now, we’ll probably do some more digging in future if we can a) get the help file running and b) get in the mood for some serious editing!

Given the editor is essentially the same as CM01/02, there is a more detailed guide of the functions of the editor over at GameFAQs.