Championship Manager

Where it all began! The early versions of Championship Manager are quite a muddy path so we’ll try and explain each one as we understand it.

Championship Manager

CM Box
CM original

Released: September 1992 (Atari & PC)

Playable Leagues: England (Top 4 divisions)

Notes: Fake players, divisions limited to 20 only.

Instructions: This is a DOS game so if you can find a download you can run it through Dosbox. A version has also been made that you can run in your web browser!

Blog: To follow

Championship Manager ’93

CM93 box

Released: July 1993 (Atari & PC)

Playable Leagues: England (Top 4 divisions)

Notes: Real players used for the first time, Premier League introduced to the playable divisions. Data disks released September 1993 and June 1994 rather than new games.

Instructions: DOS again.

Notes: If you get a download of this I’ve seen quite a few which have had the data disks applied. It doesn’t matter particularly but this does seem to get muddled up.


CM Italia

CM Italia
CM Italia2

Released: 1993 (Atari & PC)

Playable Leagues: Italy (Serie A & B)

Notes: Based on CM93/94 engine. A Norwegian version was also released.

Instructions: You guessed it, DOS emulator ahoy.