Welcome to CM Fans. This site was set up by Dave Black (@CM9798) and Andrew Chapman (@KingOfTheRooks) to celebrate Championship Manager the video game series.

We want to be a central resource for all Championship Manager games. There is a lot of love out there for CM9798 and CM01/02 but the others have often been forgotten. Our aim is to play every version of the series between us and blog our experiences. As you can see in the menu, we have a bespoke page for just about every version and each one contains information on the game, where to get the game from (if possible) and a link to the blogs.

Dave created CM9798.co.uk in January 2015 and such was the success launched CM01/02 Blogs in 2018. Whilst these two remain the most popular versions of the series, there’s a lot of hours been sunk into the others. Most of the games have been discussed on Champ Man on the Post – the Championship Manager podcast, but all that has done is stoke the fires to play them again.

Do enjoy and of course if you’d like to contribute, please get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an old laptop to play the earlier versions?

No, you can use a Dos emulator. We use Dosbox but there are other versions. They’re free to use and work a treat. Dave wrote a guide for CM9798 but it applies to all versions available on Dos.

What about the CD?

If you have the CD, you can install the game and then run it using Dosbox (or equivalent). It is a little complicated and we’ve included instructions on the necessary pages. It is a lot easier when somebody cleverer than us makes the game available as a download, which thankfully happens quite often with the older versions.

Why does the menu stop at CM5?

Championship Manager 5 was lucky to be included! Sports Interactive and Eidos split in 2005 and that’s why we have Football Manager (FM05 being the first, released up against CM5). CM5 was appalling but I feel it bookends the series nicely.

Do you have trouble playing the older Windows games on a modern laptop?

I’d say it’s a mixed bag. There’s 3 or 4 things to try which again we’ve listed on each page from our experiences. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t work.

What about on a Mac?

Neither of us operate a Mac and it would be border line irresponsible to offer advice on that. Dave had a dedicated Mac user knock up a guide for CM9798 but if you have questions outside of that then good luck to you.

Can I play on an iPhone/Tablet?

For the Dos games, Android phones and tablets can work. There’s plenty of evidence to support that too. Apple products are a bit tougher, plenty of people have tried especially on 01/02. The Twitter community is your friend and we’ve put some useful links on the relevant pages.