The One Club Mentality – Brondby & Denmark: P03

Welcome back again to the OCM! Last time out we qualified for the World Cup and executed all our friendlies successfully. You can catch-up here. Our group will include the hosts, a side that battered Brazil and as ever, an unknown quantity in South Africa.

So, here’s the squad minus those who have/will be transferring out of Brondby. It’s a little thinner on ability.

Our first game is an absolute corker and tells me we have some promise, but our ‘keeper is as woeful as I’d imagined. An 89th minute equaliser is always well celebrated!

Wonderboy Balling the hero carrying the team forward.

Immediately, we lose him. Brutal.

It doesn’t matter against South Africa as we well and truly put the game the bed.

Razza with his first competitive goal and a few assists.

Japan are through having slaughtered Uruguay. That is worrying as we’ll need a point from them to get through.

In the end, we top the group thanks to a relatively comfortable assignment.

However, we lose our captain for the remainder of the tournament. Another one bites the dust.

Our reward for finishing top of the group?

Should have tried to finish 2nd. The game itself is won by a bigger margin than reflects the game. Italy bombarded us but were unbelievably wasteful.

The FA go wild. We’ve surpassed the objective.

Giovanni is for the trap after that result. Dumped.

The World Cup gods are kind to us again…not.

We struggle through the game defending in a last-ditch manner as France rattle the crossbar time and again. We also lose Madsen to injury so, even though we cheat death and get through on pens, we’ll play on without a big player.

I’d say this draw has been kinder, but there’s a reason both they and us are here.

Oh me, oh my. It’s a late scare as USA pummel our goal but they only snatch one and we’re through!

Our replacement captain gets the praise.

It’s Spain in the final.

And what a final!!! 3-2 down at half-time and taking a kicking I think all is lost. But we come out the blocks, blast two goals in then go all out defence to spoil the spectacle and close out the game!!!

Champions!!! Unbelievable.

Balling came back just in time to win another man of the match and lead the boys to victory. Alkhag has been tremendous and has developed unbelievably.

However, he loses out on the Golden Boot by the alphabet.

And we have no players in the FIFA team of the tournament.

Ludicrous! Well, after all that I need a sit down. That went much better than the Man Utd OCM. How can we beat that? Up the challenge by lowering a division? Suggestions for a new OCM welcome! See you next time!


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