Championship Manager 3 – Season 98/99: Tactical Test P10 424

And now we’re back together…f****** hell, here we are again. Am I loving CM3 right now? I’ll leave that for you to decide given this, is especially for you. This time up its 4-2-4.

Well blow me down, I’m spinning around. 2-1 away to ‘Boro, there’s a first!

It inspires Sky to put our very public execution by cannon live on TV.

Wellity, bloody well. It’s hard not to get carried away.

The fun never…oh.

Can we stop the clocks now?

And we’ll have fun fun fun ‘til Jimmy takes our t-bird away. The might chin’s boys supress our fun. However, this could be deemed a good result. It’s a Lyttle bit ‘not’ funny though.

Out gunned.

57 minutes of what the hell.

Ideally the next two results being wins could be the making of this formations success.

Underwhelming. Unbelievable.




It would appear the formation did well against the teams the earlier formations didn’t, then poor against the teams the previous ones did. Interesting.

In the end its probably not a bad formation and its got Forest 14th. We were even top at one point. I’m feeling refreshed and motivated to continue on! Once more into the Forest!!!

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