The One Club Mentality – Brondby & Denmark: P02

Welcome back to the OCM! We’re adjusting to life with the Danes and Brondby pretty well and qualifying is going as good as it could be. If you missed last week, you can catch up here.

Our next game is the second of our double-header with the Czech Republic. This is the crucial game to put the group to bed. Win and we have an 8-point lead over them. We lose Bjur to injury which isn’t good as he’s been tremendous:

We end up with a good result, but not a great result. Poor performances across the parken.

Malta on the other hand is a different story. Relative comfort, never out of second gear.

We’re Alkhag-holics, we’re reliant on his good form. The group is looking all but wrapped up.

Unfortunately, we’ll need to be weened as Alkhag is out for 3 months!!!

We also say goodbye to two ‘keepers. This could be brutal. Despite being 37, Krogh had been excellent.

Our backup Striker is also now out. Madsen will have to move up top. No Sommer lovin’ for us.

It matters not as the Irishmen are brushed aside. Conceding however, tells us all we need to know about our new Brondby ‘keeper.

The same theme runs through our draw with Bulgaria.

We really should have been home and dry. But we can’t keep a clean sheet. It will go to the wire – that said it would take some fortune for Czech’s and misfortune for us.


The ice men cometh, but it’s another generally comfortable result:

Madsen doing wonders up top and Balling pulling the strings in behind. It was all a Bjur to Iceland.

And with that we have qualification assured. We await our group opponents and any preparation the Danish FA see fit.

The FA see us take in more preparation against failed qualifiers Yugoslavia. It turns out to be a very decent result against a very decent side.

Our group for the World Cup is also drawn, it’s not bad, but Uruguay are a big threat having beaten Brazil 4-0 in qualifying away from home!

However, the bad news follows. We’ve now lost our creative lynchpin and playmaker of our formation in the middle of the park:

The players Brondby are signing when these sorts of players leave are not helping:

Foldgast will also go before the World Cup. We are going to have to do this the hard way. At least the FA’s expectations are low.

There’s one last warm-up against Norway. We lose a fair few players to injuries so, we decide to see if we shuffle Madsen and Alkhag up top together if we’re more potent against a better side.

Does it work, yes! They’re both removed at half-time along with Smith so save their legs. It looks good.

With all looking reasonable and hopefully no more players exiting Brondby Pre-World Cup I’m hoping we can surpass the FA’s expectations. Winning it might be a stretch given our real lack of depth in the squad, particularly in defence and goalkeeper. Join us next time for the 2002 FIFA World Cup and Brondby’s shot at glory in the #oneclubmentality.

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