Championship Manager 3 – Season 98/99: Tactical Test P09 4-1-2-1-2

Here we are in week 9 of Nottingham Forest hell. Strikers who can’t score or want to go awol. Midfielders who can’t…midfield??? Well, let’s just say it’s been a complete s*** show from the off. This week, we’re jumping headfirst into 4-1-2-1-2…will it be a knockout? Perhaps if you get knocked out by boredom.

Woan and Van the Man both want out already. Woan though…which bigger clubs does he think would be interested?

The opener against Boro is the cast iron entertainment of each of these saves. We barely muster 2 shots to Boro’s 22.

This time we batter down the Everton door, but nobody can beat Steve Simonsen.

Geoff Thomas doing Geoff Thomas things. If aggression was the score line we’d have won.

It’s a 4-match ban. Joy. It’s a false start against Coventry, we think the tide is turning but its not, it remains sky blue.

Arsenal ‘gonna Arsenal.

Hooijbstank fancied a 4-game rest in the Geoff Thomas holiday club. Idiot. Carlton wants a move, Hjelde is out for 3 months, and the Bart man is also injured. Fun.

Big fun.

An anticipated result against the Wednesday. Rodgers and Des Little join the body pile on the physio’s table. F****** hell. Learn to shoot!!!

We can’t score against Southampton or Everton, but we can against Man Utd? Sure.

The final game of the season sees a moment of madness from Given allow us the freedom to express ourselves against 10-men.

In the end, I don’t think this has survival written on it for Forest. Not with these players anyway!

And there you have it. Manure. The thing I hate about this formation is the arrows and also in places, the lack of arrows. A similar shape in 00/01 with forward arrows does a blinder, so perhaps this is just the evolution of the game engine? Or perhaps this is just awful. Anyway, for more awful join us again next week!

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