The One Club Mentality – Brondby & Denmark: P01

Hello and welcome back to the latest ‘One Club Mentality’ in CM00/01. This time we’ve come for the bacon, and that means taking on this challenge with Denmark. It seemed the sensible option would be Brondby so that’s that. We’ve a fair few talents:

This guy is probably the shoulders on which all our hopes will be built:

Let’s not p*** around here, we’ll go in with the Wonderkids formation, 4-1-3-1-1.

Colding and Krogh are the only ‘senior’ players in the squad, so essentially, we’re hoping some players improve rapidly over the time between now and (if we qualify) the World Cup! Transfer benefits roll in early!

The group looks incredibly easy compared to the one we took on with England in the last OCM.

I’d say it’s between us and the Czech’s. The first game doesn’t go entirely to plan, we’ll need to find the best players that fit quickly as the Danish FA didn’t believe in friendlies.

It’s much better against Northern Ireland, more impressive that it’s an away result.

Ruben Bagger’s introduction making the difference immediately after half-time. Likewise, Bulgaria is pretty straight-forward. It all feels…too easy?


We rotate for a belated friendly with the turnips. And wow, I’ve got a selection headache now!

Some players have already begun to improve immensely.

We’ll be without our star centre back for the mighty Malta:

At least the group is looking good from the top.

I’m wondering how we’ve done so well and what impact we’ve had on Brondby…

Did we pick the wrong side? We say goodbye to Soren Kroge.

We have 3 dropouts pre-Malta and the Czech’s. The Malta game immediately gives me worries, given Bulgaria beat them 5-0. That was ropey.

Alkhag the culprit for our failure to get a big score. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to haunt us.

Thankfully, the Czech’s lose their heads in a 2-minute spell and the game is pretty much a given.

Also, notably in the 34th minute the ball somehow hit nothing and went out for a corner…

That leaves the group in tremendous shape for the next 5 games. Given we’ve got the Czech’s again at home in our next competitive fixture, if we can come through that unscathed, we’ll be good.

We’ll kiss goodbye to some more players after the Czech game, notably some defensive cover.

We finish this update against the Belgians as we’ve finally got a friendly arranged. It goes pretty swimmingly although we benefit again from a red card. Again its Linderup’s pace and dribbling skills that can’t be handled.

And with that we’ve made an excellent start to life in the one club mentality. It’s been a lot easier than it was with Man Utd/England, that’s for sure. Sterner tests will come, can we get over the line and qualify? Stay tuned and find out next week!

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