Championship Manager 3 – Season 98/99: Tactical Test P08 3-5-2 Attacking

Welcome back to…almost the same thing as the last 7 weeks! It’s CM3. It’s Nottingham Forest. It’s painful to keep losing like this! This week its 3-5-2 attacking, hopefully there will be goals.

It’s an opening day treat as we don’t lose away to ‘Boro. We could have won but as ever, this teams strikers are dog eggs.

Another day, the same old story with some added shocking defending.

At least Van the man has an early goal. The less said about Derby, the better.

The next result isn’t bad in the grand scheme of these tests. But it’s a game you should be winning if you’re wanting to do really well.

Standard Arsenal result.

And then the inevitable Hooij’s his toys out the pram.

Chelsea diddle us, although they are yet to concede a goal in the league.

The next two games see us score 10 goals. Perhaps this formation is good against teams weaker than you, ideal setup to breakdown people sitting back and defending?

The fun wears off almost immediately.

Having Gemmill and Chettle suspended killed the form off. The board are chuffed, but I’m not sure why.

I guess as a Forest fan you’d take that against real life? I’m suspecting those results against Sheff Wed and Southampton were rouge and now wondering if the Coventry result was any good after all! And with that we’ll hoy this formation in the bin. It wasn’t very good.

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