Championship Manager 3 – Season 98/99: Tactical Test P07 3-5-2 Defensive

Roll up, roll up welcome to the worlds greatest show…CM3 tactics with Nottingham Forest on repeat. If it’s painful to read, just imagine what it is like to play! This week we have the joys of 3-5-2 defensive. Will it be any good? Who knows? My money is on no.

Well, Steve Stone does all he can to prove me wrong. This is a good start.

Aaaaaaaand back to reality. Can we not knock it Carlton?

Derby is another poor result against 10-men.

And Coventry is … Coventry.

Followed by the now standard 3-0 whooping at Arsenal. The formation that gets them is the one.

Chelsea gets the game flo-wing. They are so wise. FFS.

Sheff Wed are brushed aside but this is an expected outcome for this side. Nothing to write home about. One thing this has done, is get goals out of Steve Stone. Is that enough to make this a success?

No. Absolutely not.

Nil-nil with 9-men, is followed by a 2-0 loss to Man Utd.

And we round things off by not get anything from Newcastle. Joyful.

What a steaming pile of manure that’s been. Speaking of manure:

Never gets going. Always wants to leave. Probably ends up going awol. Despite all this terrible football, we’re not in the bad zone. But this formation is truly bad.

Truly, madly, deeply. Bad. And with that, 3-5-2 defensive is confined to room 101 never to be seen again. Off you f***. Please do join us next time for more riveting out of the box awfulness.

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