Championship Manager 3 – Season 98/99: Tactical Test P06 3-5-2

Tired yet? This time our tactical test of CM3 meets the 3-5-2 formation. Can it better 3-4-3 with these heep of s*** players? I’m sceptical at best…as ever! I’ve always been a fan of 3-5-2 in Championship Manager, but more so with wingbacks/defensive midfielders in wide positions. Let’s see what this flat pack has in terms of craic then shall we?

Well, if anything we start well. I’m over the moon as we not only score against ‘Boro but we do so first, AND van the man gets a goal this early in a save. It’s just a shame that we come a cropper to the exquisite finishing of Steve Vickers.

This on the other hand is a terrible sign. Everton are trash in CM3 and we should be winning games like this. MY expectations are lowered.

Derby blow us away (deservedly) and Coventry steal a win (undeservedly). It would appear this is another struggle in terms of creating chances/finishing for CM3.

After a performance like that the fans leave in their droves, and we are home alone. Once more into a defeat against Arsenal. No tactic yet seems to have them figured.

Even with a man advantage 3-5-2 drops its pants. It is followed by more utterly terrible play.

The next two games are a real measure of things in that if we don’t win these games by a healthy margin the tactic can be marked as s***.

Don’t let the score line deceive you; Man Utd should have buried us.

As ever, van the man arrives for the last of the 10 games and puts one past Newcastle.

Beating Newcastle with 10-men is probably more a sign of Newcastle’s ability than the formation. So, how does that leave things for 3-5-2?

At least it would be almost realistic to real life. Complete rubbish. Lesson here? Don’t waste your time with 3-5-2. See you next time for more hogging groundedness in Forest colours.

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