CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P38 – Who Are Ya? No, Seriously?

Okay so, we’re back for one more competition. Our squad is as thin as ice now there’s nobody left to sign, and the trash has been dispensed. That’s right we’re here for the big one; the FIFA Club World Championship; some call it a mid-season friendly tourno…not me! You can catch up with last week here.

Contract situation tells me this will absolutely be the final season. We just won’t be able to carry on with a squad of 14-16.

There’s no Charity Shield for us. Sunderland beat Arsenal 2-1. That said, we’ve still got a good old opener in us:

We are the pride of the park as Derby are dismantled – we even slowed the second half down as this season is about rotation. The Champions League draw isn’t too bad. We know we can beat PSG. Brugge are poor and we’ll reacquaint with Valencia.

The European Charity Shield is as entertaining as ever. Ajax are very good, so this is a real positive. On a side note, the Super Cup is ALWAYS in Monaco…why? Answers on a postcard please.

Laursen picks up an injury. It was nice to have our left back for a bit. Watford away and there’s a very tiny dance at the fact we were unbreeched. Away form was the problem last season.

We struggle to a 1-0 against Valencia in the Champions League. Vogel picks up an injury which, given the small squad, we can do without.

Nuno. No no. Please not more injuries.

Tom Hanks is screaming in the stands as Inzaghi bags a goal. I just had a feeling we should give the old boy one last hurrah this season.

We’ve got fixture backlog already. And the leaders are VERY surprising.

Deco showing all the moaners and groaners what its all about.

Unagi. Inzaghi! The boy is back in town. Brugge’d and battered.

Edgar and Pedersen are the next to tie their futures to this ship. If only to try and create an atmosphere of positivity. I’m starting to think Laursen might be injury prone. Another old boy banging them in, go on Nuno!

We reach the half-way point in the CL groups in style.

We are the princes of the park. Yes, another stadium joke. Let’s see how many we can fit in. One more win and we’re through.

Manninger is never going to sign as third choice, so we agree to his demands. Another reason this is the end. I couldn’t go on with Sorenson as the only backup to Buffon.

Madsen is on fire – to be honest most of the team are right now. The thing from the second half of last season that struck me, was that our top scorers were from midfield – even Madsen scored more playing further back.

New boys Fulham are moved on 1-0. But Luccin and Deco will be out for 1 and 2 weeks respectively. Nightmare. Grimsby almost Champ Man us.

Beto gets two 4 ratings on the bounce. He gets a fine and a roasting in the press. I’m f****** sick of his s****.

We get Boca in the World Club Cup final. Should be decent. We beat them 3-1 last season in a friendly. Luccin equally gets slated, but to avoid knocking his fragile confidence we leave it well alone.

PS-geeeeeeeeeeeeeee. What a performance again.

Leeds are dispatched comfortably. Our defence is rubbish but we seem to be holding back the flood.

And with that excellent display, we leave ourselves in good shape across all competitions so far. Way beyond my expectations we’ve been living up to the hype finally. It’s only taken 3 seasons to get our s*** together. Maybe 34 is the new 24?

2 conceded, just 2! I’ve probably cursed it by getting excited. We might just have to field the reserves in the League and FA Cups to save the legs for the big games. Do stay with us for these final chapters as we look to bring the curtain down with a touch of glory.

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