CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P37 – The Last Stand?

Last time out we’d crashed out of the domestic cups, and we were unable to close Sunderland down enough to be realistic in the league. You can catch up with the last post here.

That said, we start off this month with positive news on the back of our incredible run of league form.

The board are delighted again, and we have a spring in our step. A tight win at home to Bari puts our Champions League future in our own hands.

The squad are, as ever, f*****.

We tie the big Danes down for the remainder of their careers.

A superb away display against the green hoops of Portugal guides us to the quarterfinals.

Love that away strip. It’s a familiar face in the draw. They’ve got a cracking side; it will be tough.

The league run goes on against 3rd place…surely it’s not this easy?

We light a troublemaker go to hopefully improve the mood in the squad.

Deco has transformed, as I’ve previously said, from a central role. Back pats all round.

We concede two late goals at Forest. It’s a shame as Sunderland drew, and that would have closed the gap.

Inexplicably, the key player at present loses his rag at Celtic Park. At least we pick up a vital away goal.

A draw with Chelsea further cements our place in 2nd. Edgar and Buffon make the Select XI.

Pompey are beaten 3-1 and its 10-points with 5 games to go thanks to a Sunderland loss. Is a collapse on the cards to our advantage? The CL QF second leg arrives, and the luck is on our side. Two harsh penalties and we are through!

FML. At least it wasn’t Barca – we could be on for a repeat European final 3 years on the bounce for us.

WOOOOOOOOP! We beat Sunderland. Un-woop; Buffon is out for the rest of the season. It’s in Weaver’s hands now, and he doesn’t even want to be here. Shop window I guess?

They can pick up 9 points, we can pick up 12…but we need them to lose 3 games. Can’t see it happening.

We do Everton 2-1. Everyone is in need of a rest, so no training is back on the cards.

Semi-final first leg is upon us. A cracking game, but we could have done with a bigger gap.

We comfortably thrash Spurs 3-0, but alas it isn’t enough.

That early season blip has cost us dearly. We could quite easily have had this if it had only been 3-4 losses. My bad for allowing the formation to persist for too long. We chased Sunderland hard, but it wasn’t meant to be.

It’s the return leg. And it goes to the wire. A Robbie Fowler miss in the shootout gives us the game.

A little bit of history repeating. Who doesn’t love it?

Litos picks up a 3-month layoff. That will take him to retirement. So long old friend. We end the season with a bang, slowing the second half down on both occasions.

On fire at the right time. No training is the way forward. And that’s it. In the end, Sunderland did collapse, but we were too far gone to capitalise. There were 2 points in it. Just 2!

The Champions League final is more comfortable this season, we cruise through a good Barca side.


The formation that turned it around:

And that brings us to a full 9 years in charge. Do we dare go on with a small and ageing squad for one more year? One more year?

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