CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P32 – Minding Brian’s Little Gap

Last time out we’d started to recover from our awful start. We’re still 10 points adrift however so we need to keep the pace going to avoid getting the chop.  You can catch up here.

Well…if this is a pre-curser to the League Cup then geeet up.

We were better with 10-men when Madsen moved into midfield. Delfim gets a 3-game ban. Well done you idiot.

How do you follow up an excellent 4-1 win? With a pathetic whimpering 4-1 defeat at home.

More players lost to injury. Things can only get better, surely?

At last, some positive news.

In the World Club Cup, instead of curing their headache, Orlando Pirates striker gives Stuttgart one.

The FA Cup, always kind to the holders. Shola banged 33 in last season; he’ll get snapped up this summer.

Always kind.

It’s a quick re-run vs. Chelsea and Donny Osmund’s son helps us on our way. Jensen’s off pens now he missed too many.

It’s down to 8 points!

That’s all good and well Davey mate, but he’s a complete liability.

Speaking of liabilities, Weaves conceded 2 in the first 5 minutes. It costs us the game. Christophe gets a 10 for tying his shoelaces with his mouth whilst his boots were on fire.

Beto picks up a ban and as I consider giving Inzaghi a start he gets injured. Grand plans. Diabolical. The board are fuming. It really looks out of reach.

Unlike the cups. I like cup football.

Everyone is sticking the knife in.

We draw an old nemesis in the FA Cup. If we win, we’ll do a tiny dance.

The dirty b******* steal a draw in the first leg of the League Cup semi’s, we have it all to do.

Back in the league we leave the Man Utd board wondering if they were right to keep the faith.

Have that you crispy f******.

And you. Stick yer toffee where the sun doesn’t shine.

The gap is 6 points, but they have 2 games in hand.

In the Champions League that age old forward duo of Trevor Benjamin and Ronaldo have a quiet day under the watchful eyes of Litos and Beto.

Tiny dance incoming.

Balling with a 90th minute winner that has me doing a tiny dance on the ceiling. Get in son. Potential stumbling block…

If I’m not going to win the league, I need to win everything else to keep the board happy. The CL double header is less amazing. But away from home I’ll take that, #drivingseat.

The boys are happier now we’re in 3rd place. It seems to have settled down. Except for the selfish prick Jensen.

And there you have it; the league might as well be Villa’s with 11 games to go.

We’re really struggling defensively but we’ve got no options. Deco has come into the midfield and is doing a nice job of helping us tick over. But Litos and Beto are getting ropey and I’m not sure there’s any better left out there in terms of CM97-98 minus men. We’re clinging on, can we hang in there?

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