CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P31 – The Lairy Hikers

Welcome back! We left you last time out thinking we had turned things around. We’ve got quite the mountain to climb. You can catch up with last week here.

For all our turning of the ship, there’s always something trying to bring us down.

The fans turn their venom at us for ignoring the media sensationalism.

And the board are unhappy in the opposite respect. Can’t win ‘em all.

It’s b******* really given he doesn’t even think Duarte should be part of the squad. In the world of real football, it’s a comfortable win in the League cup. One step at a time.

Our reward is at top 5 Bolton. Great news.

Shortly enough, normal service is resumed. We only beat them 7-2 a few months ago.

Boy do the board have it in for the guy.

Oooooooooooooooooh Viennnnnnaaaaaaaa!

Our reward is quite a tricky looking second phase grouping.

Roma have massive players, like Trevor Benjamin and this guy:

Well…we take an occasion to defend a player, and this time the fans turn on me for that…

And the press wrangles just keep coming.

Well…this is going downhill fast:

Peter Madsen out for two weeks is something we could do without. Inzaghi might get a route back in. Might, he certainly does.

Despite a rogue red card, the 2nd phase Champions groups get off to a great start.

It’s only a one match ban thankfully. Back in the league, champions elect Liverpool are destroyed.

An important right of passage in the League Cup. We’ll get Crewe in the quarters which is fantastic.

Watford are dispatched in the league, and we are climbing.

Inter are really struggling with the loss of Ronaldo many moons ago. They’ve set their sights on what should be an ideal replacement.

Another Champions League victory at the Slicer.

Finally, the cash splashed on Edgar is paying dividends. He’s banged goals in La Liga so it had to come good.

It’s any port in a storm and the Valiant’s are brushed aside 2-0. We learn that our FA Cup defence will begin against Reading. Although I’m not that arsed as we want the League Cup and Champions League.

Crewe-sing. Delfim joins Inzaghi returning to the fold after a season in the cold. Another 97-98 Wonderkid will arrive in the summer. He’s 31 and at the tail end of his career but we need bodies.

Ricken is finally allowed to leave. He was never worth the £15m.

Now, this might not seem like the most important update to share, but we’ve struggled here recently so this is a big result.

We’re so excited, we land another wonderkid for the summer.

So excited, we get roasted by a terrible, past it attacker.

Oooh. That’s a toughy.

I’d wanted to call this the demolition derby, but we’re back to our favourite result.

Just call us the hikers.

Our trajectory is checked by a 0-0 with Bolton. And we close this update out in 7th place:

The gap is still 10 points, but we’ve a game in hand. In the Champions League we’re looking sturdy too.

So, we’re improving our league position, we’re progressing in the Champions League and we’ve reached the League Cup semi’s. I’d say that’s a job well done so far, wouldn’t you?

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