CM3 – The Treble Challenge | The Blog Squad

So here’s what happened. When we were concocting what to do for CM3 week, Ross committed to doing a three part blog and Andrew & I were delighted. However, we started talking about it and soon everybody wanted a go. Well, a lot of people. Deano’s head fell off trying to get CM3 to work. Philip cleverly cited work commitments whilst Nick went one further and took paternity leave. I speak from the heart when I say those three are the smartest of all of us.

So rather than infringe on Ross’ epic journey, we’ve each written a one parter. Some of us went into more details than others. Some liked it. Some hated it. All I ask is that you spend your Friday reading each journey. Could any of us do the treble?

Zak (@CornishZak)

Dave (@CM9798)

Andrew (@KingOfTheRooks)

Nathan (@FMCM_FC)

Rob (@Taitanator)

Matt (@Matt_C_Wills)

Thanks for reading!

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