CM3 98/99 Season – The Treble Challenge: The most annoying CM | @CM9798

I’ve never really played CM3. I was so excited for it’s release I remember checking the Sports Interactive website every day for new screenshots. A lick of pain from the CM2 series, squad numbers, an inbox, 50 players in a squad, reserves, requesting things from the board…a real step up. A step up my computer couldn’t make. Despite some attempts at playing the demo, it was so slow I gave up. CM9798 it would be for another year. That worked out ok and by 99/00 I would have a new PC. But for now, let’s go back to CM3 and see what I was missing.

Win the treble. Fergie did it. Surely on this delight of a game it should be easy to do? Our journey starts in Zagreb

Maybe I’m trying to be too clever but I’m going to play this formation.

I will not be playing that formation.

4-4-2. It worked for Fergie.

We do at least scrape a win in Zagreb, that should give us every chance.

This too isn’t a bad result but those injuries…they keep coming. I’m not going to do this game by game but let me tell you, you get at least one injury a week and it’s usually for at least a month.

There’s another in this stalemate.

Take that, Croatian champions.

That group looks ok. It’s still the 9798 format where the group winners are guaranteed to go through and the two best runners up will join them.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a keeper get 1. Or anybody for that matter. Mart Poom though, well played.

Anyway, that was a flash in the pan. We flattered to deceive and found the Champions League tough. If we can just beat Bilbao at home we’ll qualify….oh David.

Oh dear.

Still, we’re in the Premier League mix at the half way stage. Chelsea have been unreal, Casiraghi in particular.

Obviously we don’t kick on and results are poor. The board mention that.

And again.

Why you ask? Probably a few too many draws. We do like a 0-0 from time to time which is startling when you consider the fire power we have at our disposal.

This was bad.

So we’re not going to win the league, you might have gathered. Or the Champions League.

Yet we still had two players in team of the year – a nice new feature of course even if it does include Sol Campbell as a left winger.

We might win the FA Cup. We knocked Chelsea out in Round 3 and a favourable set of draws has seen us make the final where we’ll face Liverpool.

First though, back to GETTING REALLY ANNOYED.

Not least because every day it seems you get the same clubs bidding for your top players. Always just the asking price, even if you’ve rejected it once. They just keep coming back.

Still the misery continues.


Jonk indeed. A tame end to the league season sees us finish…

4th. If we hadn’t bottled those last two games we’d be second. It would have been unjust but we did finish as top scorers. That feels quite low overall, obviously kept the CM9798 super keepers around.

We can still salvage some pride in the FA oh no wait we’ve lost 3-2.

Still, the game will have the last laugh. A great year for Gianluca Vialli but he’s no Gerard Houllier. Or Me.

In a fit of rage, I sell the lot

I should point out I had to install a patch so I started with Bosnich instead of Schmeichel – I sold Bosnich and bought Schmeichel to maintain the same squad. Unfortunately I can only assume big Pete was downgraded after his move to Lisbon as he was hopeless.

Anyway, I’m relieved it’s over. We struggled for goals really, Solskjaer manaegd 5 in the whole season. Sheringham 3. Paul Scholes got 2 in FIFTY. Absolutely abysmal – it’s their fault, not mine.

In summary, I didn’t really enjoy my CM3 experience. The game was delayed until March 1999 due to complications and to be honest I think I would have enjoyed the new features enough to make me not want to claw my own eyes out as I do sitting here writing this. The injuries and transfer bids were too much for me, I can feel my eye twitching again. I think playing as Man Utd and expecting to win only to manage to not do so so often didn’t help, had I been Newcastle I probably would have accepted my 0-0 draws in good grace.

All in all though I’m pleased to say I’ve played it but if I ever do so again it’ll be too soon. We’ve played a lot of the CM series now and this ranks last for me. Sour grapes? Probably. At least it only had a shelf life of about 7 months, I don’t want to play it for another 7 minutes. Goodnight.

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