CM3 98/99 Season – The Treble Challenge: Part 2 | @RossBell1984

Ross is back to take you on the next phase of his love affair with Manchester United, if you missed it, you can catch up with yesterday’s start here.

I’m back just like I said I would be despite everything in my head telling me to sink this team, sell all the best players and ruin them. My competitive nature stops me from doing so with that let’s get into some league action. Sat 19/9/98 is how long it took for us to record our first league victory of the season. After initially setting up in a regular scum fashioned 4-4-2, I switched to a more attacking 3-4-3 figuring that to win you need to score goals. Revolutionary I know! 

I’m just going to pick a few highlights of the season rather than show you all 38 games, we’ve all got lives to be getting on with.

Switching to the 3-4-3 was a great move; it enabled me to get my game changers into the action far more often, Teddy was inevitably the one who missed out but for some reason we picked up a hell of a lot of yellow and red cards throughout the season.

I should mention that we were tasked with not making any moves Man U didn’t make during that season. So, I decided to make no transfers at all, well except one. I had to resign Peter Schmeichel as the version I acquired had already been updated with transfers that happened at the end of the season. Like Big Pete moving to Portugal, remember that.

For some reason Coventry were the early pace setters which looking at the team is astonishing to be honest. Roy Keane with his inevitable yellow card in this game.

The other early pace setters and annoyingly the late pace setters as well was this Arsenal team, Kanu and Suker as a strike partnership is an odd combo. But whatever works for you, I guess.

This was a particularly mad game with injuries, red cards and penalties. Schmeichel getting a red card was less than ideal. Thankfully I had Bosnich as a backup, so I didn’t need to break glass for emergency Raymond.

This one left me very conflicted. On the one hand Leeds beating scum is always something to celebrate but when It’s Harry Kewell doing the damage it makes me hate life and Kewell more than anything. Always hate Kewell more than anything, anyway sorry Harry Good Luck with your management career…………. Oh.

The run in proved to be trickier than earlier expected with 3 games to go we had Spurs, Wimbledon and Derby, which on paper looked easy.

Spurs put the first nail in the tyre when David Ginola scored the only goal of the game too damn us to a 1-0 loss. Damn you David, Stupid sexy David.

Wimbledon next then which should be much easier. A 1-0 win will just about do, it wasn’t pretty but at this stage it’ll do.

With one game to go the table looks like this (I forgot to take a pic, so I’ll fill you in)

1st: Man U P37 Points 73

2nd: Chelsea P37 Points 72

3rd: Liverpool P37 Points 71

We play 12th place Derby, Chelsea play relegation-threatened Wimbledon and Liverpool take on 12th place Liverpool. Cometh the hour, Cometh the man, The Outstanding Andrew Cole comes up trumps when I need him. The league title is ours!

And so, with that I’ve now won 4 trophies this season. Yes, I am counting the Charity shield. Fergie only managed to win 3 so I’m not saying I’m better than him. I’ll let the trophies decide that!

Join me tomorrow to see if I can make it 5 trophies in one season. 

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