CM3 98/99 Season – The Treble Challenge: Part 1 | @RossBell1984

Next up this week, it’s the secret Manchester United super fan, Ross Bell introducing you to the world of CM3 through the eyes of his…ahem…’favourite’ side

Well, well, well, how have I ended up here! 

At some point during our incredibly enjoyable Tuesday evenings playing the CLM, the idea was floated that we should all try and recreate the treble winning success of the Man U season of 1999. For some reason I was up for this idea, God knows why. Maybe I had been caught up in a haze of trying to win some trophies with said team in our CL.

So here we are…… let’s get this out of the way then. The aim; win at least the same 3 trophies old red nose himself masterminded that season. I’ll be doing this in 3 parts, for today let’s start with the Cups.

I guess the Charity Shield counts as a cup. Hardly a vintage performance but a win is a win and it’s already 1 trophy more than Fergie managed that year, 1-0 Bell.

The League Cup then. We are on our way, again not great and it took a late Ronny Johnsen winner to seal the deal.

Round 4 is a trip to The Dell. Fairly routine. Solskjaer was unstoppable this season *Spoilers!

Quarter Final already and another easy victory for the unstoppable men in red. 

The Semi-finals of competitions are supposed to be tricky, not this one as Sunderland face a battering, only Hasselbaink’s goals ruins a perfect run of 5’s for the black cats.

Oh, and we won 2-0 in the second leg so it’s off for a trip to Wembley back in the days when it meant something. 

Much like how we started this comp, not exactly vintage but it’ll do, a 20th min goal by Ole is enough to bag our second piece of silverware for the season. In real life Scum lost 3-1 to Spurs in the 4th round so I think you’ll find that makes the score 2-0 to Bell.

To the big one domestically then, The FA Cup. Preston, Everton and Bury were despatched without conceding a goal in rounds 3,4 & 5. 

The Quarter Finals it is then. How did Bury make it to this stage, I’ve no idea and honestly, I can’t be bothered to find out but regardless they got tonked 5-0 with the front 3 having a lovely afternoon.

Into the Semis and it’s a frankly confusing Newcastle line up. a back 4 of Dabizas, Dumas, Dyer and Nobby. Jesus I’m sorry Dave!

FA Cup final day, it’s the day all little girls dream of. Thankfully real life didn’t go this way as I would have been crushed but for the purposes of the blog, I’m of course delighted to beat Leeds United in a cup final. At least David Batty scored. 

In real life Man U won the FA Cup of course. Beating Newcastle 2-0 in the final with Sheringham and Scholes doing the damage that day. Again, Sorry Dave. 3-1 Bell. The best Fergie can do here is finish with the same amount of trophies as me!

That’s all from me today. I’ll be back tomorrow with our league title bid. I expect Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool to be pushing hard to win the league.

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