CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P27 – P*** Artists

Out of the Champions League. Just recently thrashed at recent rivals Arsenal. Clinging on to top spot in the league. Have our ageing wonderkids come as far as they can? We’ll find out as we look to recover from this mess against…Arsenal. You can catch-up with last week here.

If I was asked, “how would you describe that in one word?” it would be, shit.

Not sure how you compete against this kind of player though:

Lazy, not strong, can’t stay upright, can’t jump…plenty to be exploited. Maybe I need to think about a man marking system against Arsenal? The boards happiness is waning.

Thankfully, we Champ Man West Ham. Terrific.

Arsenal just keep ploughing on however.

We play for pride in our last Champions League game. If only we’d beaten Salzburg twice, we’d be through.

We drop into the UEFA Cup, and get a typical draw for us:

We’ve introduced Manninger to the side, but his crisp packet-y hands spoil our game against Leicester. ‘Keepers seem to be part of the problem at present. Leicester, given their hand in life, make Lemmenade.

It gets better at 20th placed Wigan when I forget to swap him back out.

Lost it in the space of 17 first half minutes. We relinquish our spot on goal difference.

If there was ever a sign you weren’t going to win the league, it’s the media backing you when you’re in 5th place.

The first leg against Leeds is diabolical. It’s a poor result. Leeds Singh for their supper. Hard not to admire the symmetry.

The show must go on, and on it does. Not sure this counts as the dons are sinking like a stone.

We follow up with a traditional loss at Vicarage Road to Watford and a Gifton Noel-Williams goal. Domi, Bak-Jensen and Juan decide to leave at the end of their contracts. Domi has 99 problems.

We opt for a more attacking approach in the return leg in the UEFA Cup and it pays off.

Gung-ho might be the go-to for now. Typically, the draw is outrageous.

Rigged. A complete fix. We stay in England for another round. Hopefully we can get over the hoodoo. With all the planned departures, we bring in a 97-98 minus man from the German regional leagues:

Decent defensive cover. I like this Keegan-esque way of playing. Na na nah, na na nah, nah nah and all that.

Maybe not.

We’re no Picasso. We keep the faith however and beat United in a less than classic affair.

Daniel son gets praise from the press and its no wonder. He’s the man of the moment.

If anything, we’re value for money. Shake your purses.

One hero isn’t playing but still wanted to stay.

That’s some serious brown nosing. He’ll get a shift or two soon. The goals keep flowing. Pensen gets two.

We’re back on top. But it can’t keep going like this.

We’ve had some real trouble this season. We’ve gone from best defence in the league last year to a mediocre mid-table back line. We can score, hell we can score. But it feels like we struggle to break the big teams open. Here’s to another 18 games, and FA Cup run (hopefully) and making headway in the UEFA Cup. See you next time!

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