CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P26 – You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But If You Try Sometimes, You Get a Charity Shield

Hello and welcome back to the 97-98 Wonderkids do CM0001. It’s season number 7 already. We get a second crack at the Champions League having failed to overcome Leverkusen in last season’s final. A second crack at the Charity Shield where we’ll face Man Utd and a chance to finally win the FA and League Cups. I promised you I’d check in on the World Cup. England didn’t escape the group, there was an all-African semi-final (Zambia and Ivory Coast). France and our own Afanou did the job.

Alex Ferguson retired over the summer, so we’ll have a new foe at Old Trafford. You gotta have faith.

We strengthen the attack for no reason other than we can.

Cesar Ramirez gets his final three cheers as he leaves on a free transfer. He won’t be missed at this stage. Pre-season is a fitness regime, but it isn’t fun:

“Oh oh ooh, trouble in America, oh oh ooh oh”

Despite a change in personnel and manager, our games with Man Utd are just as tasty. Thought we’d won the Charity Shield in 90 minutes only for Yorke to take it to penalties.

Well, that’s the most important trophy in the bag, we can retire now. We open our league account against Southampton, and its pretty impressive as Weaves saves a pen and we add to our lead all with 10-men.

This is our tweak that we’ve started with.

The Yugoslavian press are at it again.

Our Champions League draw is okay. Parma have a very good side and won last season’s Cup Winners Cup.

Another away game, another team in red and white, another 2-0 win. Bak to basics.

We take a peak at the competition and take in the Super Cup, what a game.

Bad news arrives, Daniel Jensen and Sikora will be out for a month. Disruption already. Needn’t have worried. Even a light sabre on 51 minutes can’t hold us back.

Big Sam is one step ahead.

We open our Champions League account against Parma. We really should have been away and clear, but Buffon is no buffoon. We just can’t put our many chances past him.

Weaves at fault for some spillages that lead to tap ins.

In the league we get back to it and take Port Vale apart 3-1. Easy pickings in the potteries. We implode in the Champions League by throwing away a comfortable game. Rangers walk away from it all like an Egyptian.

Liverpool are the league’s top scorers, but we hold them back, even with 10 minutes a man down as Beto goes for the kill when it isn’t needed.

The outcome leaves us bare at the back.

The Champions League gets better as we return to 4-2-1-3 and we manage to get a win, albeit we should have had more.

Rangers somehow beat Parma and we have to therefore get points from all our remaining games most likely.

The League Cup is a pure f***** as we get Arsenal in the 3rd round draw. Every year we get someone decent early doors. Rigged! FFS.

Man City take the lead in our next game so we slither back again to the original formation(ish).

Top vs. 2nd and we take an age to apply our dominance into goals.

But it finally all comes crashing down against the sort of team you’d expect.

An awful 93 minutes at blunder park. Daryl Clare in a Premier that isn’t the Skrill Premier, who would have thunk it? Hust joins Beto on a 3-game ban. Joyous.

Shameful. We need to beat Rangers and Parma now. I am not hopeful. Portsmouth gets pumped 4-1 in the league but its no preparation for the superior opposition of Europe.

It’s all over in shamefully inept fashion. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Back to league action, and, as we bring this update to a close, Weaves has another nightmare. I may have to fall back on one of the crisp packet trio.

We remain top, clinging on.

Litos gets a 1 game ban already for yellows picked up. We are having a torrid time of it. I’m not sure whether we’re just past it now. The average age of the squad really should be a prime squad. But we don’t have ANY youth.

So. There’ll be no Champions League, no Super Cup next season. We need to close out the League and attempt to grab one of the cups. We’ve got Arsenal in two days in the League Cup. #believe #lordhelpus

See you next time!

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