CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P24 – Zimmer Frames and Football Games

So here we are, halfway through season 6, we’d love to add the FA Cup and Champions League and retain the league, only so we don’t get sacked. But also, to have another crack at the pinnacle of the English Football seasons, the Charity Shield. We could put ourselves 10 points clear in the league. If you missed last week’s escapades and questionable journalism, you can catch up here.

Did I say we had a chance to extend our lead? Well, let me tell you about that, in picture form.

The f****** juice man gets a red. Thanks to his pre-season shenanigans it’s a 4-game ban. Thankfully, in the FA Cup we’re back to our best.

David Lee Schroth with a consolation for Bolton. The first player to score in leather under armour. We get Division 1 Forest in the next round. Our league form continues to stutter as we steal a point at Villa who have 3 disallowed.

Balling is out for 2 weeks. The juice man’s injury won’t be as long as his ban. The catch-up fixture:

Man Utd 14th despite having a cracking side. My fears were misplaced:

West Ham open the doors for a charity day. It could have been Beto. That’s another out for a few weeks. The number of games are taking their toll on the squad.

A heavy toll:

A makeshift side gets through in the Cup. Happy days.

Unhappy days.

Finally, the press are asking the same questions I’ve been for seasons…

A bore draw with Derby follows. We’re just not at our best. Given the boards objectives, it’s a real concern. We play Chelsea, we might as well have fielded 11 bags of s****.

This I could REALLY do without. For f**** sake.

Who have I p***** off in the world of CM gods?

Thankfully, we’ve got 20th placed Ipswich. They are poor and it shows.

A return to the Champions League seems pleasing at first glance. Milan at home. Some big names. Veron throws a strop, but we cannot capitalise. If anything, we hang on.

We remain top of the group. Next up FA Cup. With Alex Manninger in the sticks and Inzaghi out I’m not feeling confident.

United play like we aren’t even there. Our goal a mere consolation. Back to Europe again, away at Milan. It’s a struggle. We’re poor. We don’t look like a side that could win this.

More injuries add to the joy. We’re still top though. Back to the league to get even more p***** off with things.

The press make up a rumour:

So, we oblige:

Everton have climbed to 11th. It feels like we’re a Division Three side. More injuries.

To make matters worse, Everton had 3 disallowed. Absolute shambles. Back in the Champions League, Porto are poor enough to get our moral back up. We qualify.

Rusty Recber gives us another free pass and we’ve topped the group. Milan beat Porto and they join us in the next round.

And with that, we lay a terrible episode to rest. Hopefully it all stays here, and we move on. The gap in the league is a real fine margin. The players are knackered, and this is the bain of our life at the minute:

The league looks like this:

4 points in it. Far from our thoughts of extending our lead. We’re lucky to still be top. The Champions League has taken more out of Man Utd than us though. Join us next week to see if we can crawl our way over the line and maybe bring the Champions League home. I’m doubtful after the Milan game, perhaps these 97-98 Wonderkids aren’t at the right level for CM0001?

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