CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P23 – A Different Kind of Glory

The Wonderkids are back, if you missed the start to the season you can catch up here. We’re sitting pretty at the top of the league although West Ham do have sufficient games in hand to catch us at this stage. We’re in control for now in the Champions League and still domestic cups to come.

That’s a strange looking top ten. We open up our update away at the death star. A comfortable 1-0 win sees us top the group thanks to Ruud boy helping PSV beat Valencia.

Elsewhere it seems Yugoslavian pundits just don’t understand how this competition works/what glory is…a story of two parts:

We’re spurred on for the league. It’s 2-0 and it’s very comfortable.

Next up, League Cup. Always nice to relax against a side 2 divisions below.

Our reward is another game against our eternal rivals Southampton. Feels like we’ve played them every season. It’s going good against the Dons. Then some briefcase w***** gets a consolation.

Back to the Champions League, live on ITV. It’s a boring game, we only need a draw to top the group. We lose our top scorer for 4 weeks. Boo. “Sun ain’t gonna shine anymore”.

We get our new group. Feels a bit harsh given we finished top in the 1st group stage!

Milan have Shevchenko and Crespo up top. That could be interesting.

West Ham have lost a game, so the pressure on us in the league has reduced. It’s still tighter than I’d prefer.

Fortune favours the injured it would seem. Arnold terminates our chances of a win on 35mins and its eventless from there in. Worrying. Troubling:

When there’s no Sun, there’s no goals. We need the other strikers to turn up. Thankfully, its different in Europe.

Somehow, the fixture computer gives us a league game on the international weekend.

It works out okay. Well, after this shambolic start from the defence.

Elsewhere, there’s a reason the Villa manager is getting the vote of confidence…what is this?

A certain ‘keeper becomes available having ran down his contract. We need cover so he can come back.

In a repeat of the Charity Shield, we come out on top. More goals, this is better.

Litos is out for 10 days. That is not good. I’m not sure how we get by on 2 decent centre backs. Rusty Rustu is no match for Balling. Maybe this group isn’t so bad afterall?

Another win and we may well have qualification wrapped up with teams to play each other. It’s almost rosy back at the slicer. More centre back cover out. Thankfully we still have too much for Liverpool.

Ramirez rejects a new contract and Val Mol announces retirement. Rose is also rejecting a renewal. We just can’t play them anymore; they just don’t have enough for this level. The cup is if anything, entertaining. Another tussle with the Saints. Minutes we didn’t need.

It’s Everton in the quarters, very winnable. Immediately though, Amoroso, Henry and Palermo help to deliver us some damage.

It’s silly that this Arsenal side aren’t winning things. WHAAAAAT? Shambolic.

Like swimming through toffee. A close win against the Saints in the league continues. We wrap this update up against a team nobody would expect to be in this league, never mind the top 10.

That’s one in the eye for Chris Greenacre, you can’t catch us this time! And that leaves us in good shape.

7 points clear and a change to make it 10. We’re avoiding too many draws unlike the chasing pack. Can’t complain really except for that ludicrous League Cup defeat. At least the board aren’t unhappy about the pointless cup. This seasons main men so far?

12 goals and 7 assists from midfield for Jensen. And a bunch of goals for Sundgot on the right of a front three.

There you have it. Still on course for the League and Champions League which should keep the board happy. Join us next week for the 3rd quarter. See you later!

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One thought on “CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P23 – A Different Kind of Glory

  1. […] So here we are, halfway through season 6, we’d love to add the FA Cup and Champions League and retain the league, only so we don’t get sacked. But also, to have another crack at the pinnacle of the English Football seasons, the Charity Shield. We could put ourselves 10 points clear in the league. If you missed last week’s escapades and questionable journalism, you can catch up here. […]


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