CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P22 – Great Expectations

Well, here we stand. Champions facing into a title defence of the highest order. There are one or two contracts up at the end of the season, nobody major, but no-one is willing to discuss matters. We’ve probably got two more years to squeeze out of this group at their peak. The board have set their sights on…everything!!!

“In every area”. A cheap shot at our poor cup exploits over the last 5 years. At least on paper we get a fair opening few games.

We await our Champions League group allocation. It will be Leicester in the Charity Shield. Pre-season is a bit tricky. We come undone thanks to a particular Kennedy…it does not bode well for the Champions League.

For the first time ever, we spend big to secure a major minus man:

The juice idiot gets himself sent off against Blyth Spartans in a fitness game…

We beat Rosenborg, with an old memory the only player to do well for the opposition:

They say charity starts at home and it would appear so. As the home side of this Charity Shield tie, we offer the victory over to Leicester without much of an attempt to do anything else.

The real football starts in much better fashion, although our goals to shots ratio is becoming worrying.

Litos will miss 2 weeks. That’s a big blow for our best defender. On the back of that news, our Champions League group draw is looking tough.

We 100% did not really deserve to win our next game:

The signs aren’t great. We appear to be past our prime. Past our prime…

It’s a 3-game ban for arguably our best player. THE CHAMPIOOOOOOONS!

The death star pays a visit and leave empty handed. Am I allowed to celebrate this? LOL I don’t see that happening.

We scrape by another league game. Weaves has been terrible so far. With only Nicoletti for back up, there’s not much that can be done.

Back in the Champions League we’re right at home. Shouldn’t have worried.

Dave man, he’s never getting a look in.

We lose to West Ham. Its poor. We had enough to win.

Champions lea….oh. That was actually quite tough. Valencia have some silly players.

Away from home this is a good result really. We get a plum draw for once in the League Cup as we draw 2nd Division Sheff Utd. Meanwhile Dave is back to making recommends. To be honest, we might drop Balling. Yes, Balling. He’s not his usual self. Does it make a difference?

In short, no. Wasteful as ever. We’re in there like swimwear, but Chelsea and West Ham can easily overturn the rest.

May I start this sentence telling you Chris Greenacre barely has a stat above 8 and has 8 for finishing…

Domi gets unfair treatment after defending himself (and it appears he didn’t even land the punch!).

We appeal to the FA, but they’re a bag of s***s as per. They’re living the life of Riley.

And then along comes a game of the season kind of game, 1st vs. 2nd battle for the top!

Leeds had 20 shots and we had 9. We were pummelled all game and won. CM in action. We draw 0-0 with Valencia in the CL follow up and it leaves it in our hands to get through.

We’re nowhere near last seasons vintage, and Everton are poor. They have John Mullin up top.

That said, it’ll do.

Only West Ham can overtake us within the 10-game marker now, and they’ve got a backlog so I’m hoping it impacts them. Balling is faltering:

His first time under an 8.00 rating this far in. The Sun God is stepping up however:

And with that, we’re through the first quarter. It’s been ropey but we’re top of the league, we’ve got a decent League Cup draw and we’re top of our Champions League group. We have it all to lose so to speak. Find out when we see you next time!

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