CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P21 – Hu-go All the Way

Welcome back to the run in for our 97-98 Wonderkids and a *ahem* wonderful…first season in the Premier League so far. You can catch up here. Lots of work to do, 9 games to go and a very fragile 5-point cushion.

First up, Dave recommends we give Hugo a real go at things. I’m going to forget the recommendation to throw Youngs in and give it a go as Dani has gone a bit flat.

We lose Domi for 3 weeks so Larsen or Duarte will finally get a run in the side. Our first obstacle is 2nd placed Chelsea. You Beto not f*** it up guys.

There’s been 18 goals across our 3 games with Chelsea, #entertaining. Beto gets a 3-game ban, great. The board don’t care, they love the way we play.

Schaafted. Remco will miss 3 weeks. We are dropping like flies. F****** hell. What is going on…

Jamie Vrede. Another ban for another defender. Even without that, I can see where the problem really lies at the moment.

Balling is finally recognised…

Only 3. Am I greedy? We’ve been outstanding….

Outstanding…ahem. LOL

The Dons can’t stifle us this time. Sundgot finally gets a few goals, its been quite the barren spell for him.

5 to go, surely its in the bag? Surely.

A few months ago, Liverpool absolutely rattled us. So, this…this is a dream performance.


We’ve been the best of a poor bunch. Speaking of poor, they are 18th.

Balling, he only needs 20 minutes to prove himself, but he’s yet to start for Denmark…what does he have to do?!?

Our dominance and this formations impact is pleasing to see. I’m glad we returned to it.

It’s Dyer again at relegated Newcastle. We scrape by. The wheels have stopped since the title came home.

The FA Cup final is eventful.

We close the season in complete control.

The final league table, a thing of beauty.

Vital statistics as ever for your pleasure. A good spread…

Confusing…we don’t even make the shortlist…

Fergie finished 2nd, lost in the UEFA Cup Semis and the FA Cup Semis. This game and the points system are a total fix towards people who play more games and achieve less. The man, the myth, the legend…the fans know.

And with that season 5 is over. We’ve bagged all the divisional titles now. We still need FA Cup, League Cup, Charity Shield, Champions League, Super Cup and Club World Cup. Does that mean at least 2 more seasons banging this drum? Yes, yes it does! Thank you loyal Wonderfans for staying with us, see you next time.

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