CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P20 – Form is Temporary

We’re back to tackle the final half of the 97-98 Wonderkids debut season in the CM0001 Premier League. If you missed our assent to the top last week, you will find it here. We’re doing alright and we’ve earned that top spot. Of our 4 chasers, we’ve beaten two of them by big scores and collectively put 17 past them over those 4 games.

We pick our way through a tough game against Watford. Old Husty wins it for us.

Word gets around…

We have another battling display through a tough game. Feels like we’ve been figured. Teams just come out at us quickly.

These are no good for news. Key linchpins both out.

Poor Napoli. Couldn’t get Inzaghi so they’ve gone rogue.

Schopp is off to the conference and he’s a bit chuffed. Each to their own I guess.

Cuptastic for the fans, not so much for us and our own. We throw away a comfortable game against Arsenal in the cup.

Derby feel our wrath as we look to make amends. Tonton gone missing.

Needless bookings are costing us dearly though.

The replay against Arsenal is an Henry masterclass. Weaver gets a 4 and Delfim gets a 5. That might also have been the issue.

I’ve let many of these go, not now, not at this stage.

We scrape a 1-0 we didn’t deserve against lowly Bolton. Dave feels like its worth giving his pal Tom a shout. We’ll see.

We’re struggling in front of goal, really struggling.

Thankfully, the chasing pack also lose.

The next game sees heads lost all over the park. We were right in it, even with ten. And then we went to nine. Game over. Hero to villain for Hust.

Our lead is now cut from 10 points to just 6.

Weaver? Banned. Hust? Banned. Beto? Banned. Add the injuries in and it’s a nightmare. Manninger gets a recall as I just can’t bring myself to play Nicoletti for 3 games. Relief…

Davids claims he couldn’t see for his shaded lenses, but the ref is having none of it. Domi? Out. Delfim? Out. What an unfortunate patch of luck.

It will be a makeshift side for a while. Well…that’s not a good omen, given we walloped them 5-1 not long ago.

We go behind to 20th placed Brentford but manage to come back. Our form in front of goal is very concerning.

17 shots ON TARGET. Come on lads! Fucking hell can it get worse…yes it can.

5 points in it. But we just need to ride the storm for a few games. We’ve got 10 games to go, 5 of them against top 8 opponents.

It’s looking like its us or Chelsea but its going to be a tough old slog. We need our big hitters to pull it out the bag. Honestly though, I did not expect to be in with a chance but here we are. Do join us next time out to see if we can clinch our 5th title in 5 seasons.

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