CM00-01: The Return of the Wonderkids P19 – Points to Prove

Welcome back once again with the ill behaviour. And by that we mean CM0001 and the 97-98 Wonderkids, who, to be fair, are pretty sick. You can catch up with last week here.

We kick-off this week with a classic bit of CM scheduling. Two games vs. the same team, the in-form unbeaten team. Chelsea.

Elsewhere Sheff Wed are looking to go Super-Size.

A team yet to lose and conceding so few (4 goals in 8 games) how good could it go you ask?

The Chelsea ‘keeper has an absolute rotter, Balling puts on a masterclass and the Bakman is on the up. Let us ignore the 3 we let in as Leon Knight is very tasty in CM0001. Wow. Marker. Laid. Down.

The re-run in the cup is comparably, shite.

Napoli think I’m in the habit of selling first team players for pennies.

It’s a joy to see the good old faces on the scoresheet again, it brings a tear to my eye. Go on lads.

The media try to put my boys down. I’m not having it. We are here. Believe it!

Next up the game everyone wants to see live on Sky…

Two injuries is a pure fucker. Schaaf will be out for a month. Hopefully not too many games missed. Chelsea are clearly unnerved by our arrival in the Premier League’s top table:

The lads are spurred on by the media’s comments. We don’t need tactics anymore.

That’s a brutal one to take, Fernando will miss 3 months. Reliable at the back or in the middle. Newcastle happy to sit back having taken the lead but we are tooned in on what we need.

Our credentials are now undoubted.

Big Mac will leave this season. He’s never played, and never looked like playing. Goodbye, good riddance.

Next up one of the most boring games. Brutal Dons hold football to ransom. I’d argue it brings the game into disrepute.

Manninger also decides to go at the end of the season. To be honest, after being first choice and pulling a stunt like asking to leave, he can f*** off too. There’s good news though.

We finally lose another game as injuries mount and our midfield duo just don’t get their usual hold on the game.

Clearly Chelsea are rattled as it’s another mad signing.

After a small blip, the good times keep rolling:

JUICE!!! Sikora finally off the mark. Bak man again, there to steal us a draw against our mortal enemies, Southampton.


And with that, we’re holding our own with half the season to go.

Largely thanks to this boyo:

What a machine. Bakman is up and running again and Daniel Jensen is doing okay. Inzaghi is playing more like a backup but, we certainly have options. Can we keep it up? I’m not sure but I’m happy to be here fighting to find out if we can disrupt the status quo in season one of our Premier League existence. See you next time!

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