Championship Manager 99/00: The Finals | @KingOfTheRooks & @CM9798

It’s time for Euro 2000! Dave and KOTR are taking Norway and Denmark to Holland and Belgium for the main event but who are in the squads?

Dave Blackenstrom: Seeing as we’re sticking with this narrow formation I’ve “found” it’s bad news for people like Stig Inge Bjornebye who I have no need for. There’s surprise call ups for Jo Tessem, John Carew and Bjorn’s race for fitness should see him back from match two onwards.

King of the Rookssen: We may have been a bit rash in our last minute selections, a bit Sven and Walcott. Sometimes that’s the kind of pressure the ‘Player Waiting’ message in a network game puts on you, at least that’s what I’ll fall back on! Balling scores 5 in 8 UEFA Cup appearances so he makes the cut having proven himself. Borgvardt and Albrechtsen our other last minute additions.

Dave Blackenstrom:

Assistant manage ACKY assures me his formation is a WORLD BEATER. We’ll see won’t we. We’re the opening game as Holland are the tournament hosts.

Well. Edgar Davids sees red for a last man foul and it takes us 40 minutes but we eventually break down the 10 men. Ronald De Boer departs injured 3 minutes later and they’ve used all their subs. Against 9, even we can win. Solskjaer and alien life form secure the points.

We didn’t even play that well but the Dutch imploded like they’re prone to doing.

The state of this…

King of the Rookssen: What worked against Russia should work against Germany, right?

Wrong-ish. We bat away wave after wave of Oliver Neuville and scrape our way to what is in reality a big result against on of the big sides of the Tournament (lets not mention their real life performance eh!).

It’s nice to see our attacking prowess has improved…more shots, more passes completed, more tackles won, more headers won, finishing like a laser guided missile built by ACME.

Top by alphabetical order, I’ll take that now!

Dave Blackenstrom:

We’re forced into some changes due to suspensions. Berg is banned and Haland earns a start at the expense of Tessem.

Spain are absolutely brutal. We only need a point after Spain and Portugal drew in their opener but they absolutely thrash us. Dan Eggen has a nightmare.

17 shots on target and Baardsen only gets a 7.

We’re still in a good position. We’ve just got to draw with Portugal. I think.

King of the Rookssen: Gravesen comes back in and Borgvardt gets a start given the levels of finishing against Germany. We’re desperate for a win that could set us up nicely for the final game. We’re almost home and dry and then…

One on target and one goal for Yugoslavia. I’m blaming Schmiechel even if it wasn’t a chip, clearly that’s on my shoulder. Without Sand and Albrechtsen we were much less creative.

Brugged but not battered, we need to beat Romania:

Dave Blackenstrom:

For such a huge game I’m delighted to have Bjorn back in the fold. Haland is injured and Berg is back for Eggen. Hopefully we’ll have enough.

Things aren’t going well when Joao Pinto heads Portugal into the lead. However, Heidenstrom puts in a strong tackle on Rui Costa and the playmaker is done. With him off the field, we’re able to take control and a quick Ole double gives us the lead and Flo makes it 3-1. Pauleta immediately pulls one back but we’re in a great position to get at least a single point. Leonhardsen seals the points on the break. Belter.

Quite an exciting game really.

Top of the group! Holland come through on head to head and Spain go out, which seems a bit unfair but I’m all for it.

King of the Rookssen: We’re here, the day has arrived. Do or die. Sink or swim. We stick to what we know, we just need to kick on and put the ball in the holey thing hanging off the posts. We’re 1-0 down at HT so we throw it all at them:

Does it work, another resounding no. We huff and puff but for nothing as Romania wrap it up knocking us out.

So, what have we learned? To win in this game you need really good strikers. Let’s not blame the manager or the formation or the late random selections, lets blame the players! A win would have seen us go through at Germany’s expense!

Our journey is over. CM99/00 is as hard as I remember it! Some say its the most difficult in the CM3 series. I’ll have to agree at this point! Over to Dave Blackenstrom to carry the CM Fans candle!

Dave Blackenstrom:

We’re able to be unchanged for the quarter final. That’s hopefully a good thing. This game turns on a crazy 8 minutes. Solskjaer bends in a free kick, who knew he had that in his locker? After some legend on legend violence sees Bjorn booked for a foul on Onopko, Tommy sees red in every sense and it’s backs to the wall.

Somehow, we hold on. This side is gaining momentum.

Take that, Russia.

Lovely Ronny again takes the champagne.

For the semis, it’s Germany. Andrew held them in the opener but can we upset them? It’s Alf for the suspended Tommy.

It’s quite a tight game until Ole, who I’ve never liked for the record, decides to punch Jorg Heinrich in the face.

He probably deserved it but if that was just a glance, Heinrich himself lands the knockout blow direct from a free kick and Neuville ensures we can’t come back.

Everybody was poor except Ronny. But we tried.

Not even that much of an uneven game, the red card has cost us. I hope the Norwegian fans never forgive Solskjaer.

The final between Holland and Germany is a typically quiet affair…

Holland finished with an outfielder in goal. Only they could book end their own tournament with 3-0 defeats.

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